Our Story


Founded in 2003 by Adi and Sam Leder, Adina Plastelina is a high-quality jewelry brand, that combines a deep love for fashion and nature into the creation of breathtaking, handmade, gold, sterling silver and vermeil pieces. We  create handmade jewelry from phenomenal and unique materials and techniques, for a superb finish. Inspired by elements found in nature, we pour our love, desires and capabilities into each and every necklace, earrings and bracelet we hand craft. Every new shape and pattern we encounter while exploring the world; each new sound we hear, is added to our exciting palette of ideas. Together, they lead us to create a new language for jewelry design, unlike anything ever seen before.

Adi and Sam Leder Adina Plastelina handmade jewelry

At Adina Plastelina, jewelry is a true labor of love. Watch how, Adi, the designer used our special technique over nine weeks to create a truly stunning, handmade piece of the iconic Marilyn Monroe  “My 9 Weeks with Marilyn”

Our jewelry is created using a wide variety of colors and noble metals – sterling silver, vermeil and gold combined with polymer clay. Each piece is handcrafted using the ancient Italian “Millefiori” (lit. 1,000 flowers, based on 3,500-year-old Mesopotamian mosaic glass-making processes) technique for a sublime, high caliber finish. We manually “melt and reduce” our materials before coating each piece with clear resin, for a shimmering rich, look. As such, each Adina Plastelina piece is simultaneously vibrant, romantic and classically timeless, with an exceptional design language worthy of international acclaim.

Every piece of Adina Plastelina is backed by a lifetime guarantee.